Receive 10% Auto Repair

March 7, 2018

O-H-I-O Tow is strategically partnered with Tuffy Auto Service Center of Gahanna, Grove City and Lewis Center. Any tow service dropped off and repaired at any of the three Tuffy Auto Service locations will be eligible for a 10% repair discount. Ca... More

Roadside Safety Tips

February 7, 2017

Whether it's a flat tire, breakdown or an accident, there's a good chance you'll experience some sort of roadside emergency in your lifetime. And if it happens on a busy street or freeway where you have to contend with heavy traffic, a bad situati... More

What to do or not do after a highway breakdown.

February 7, 2017

All highway breakdowns are not created equal.The procedure for what do in the event of a vehicle breakdown has a lot to do with where the vehicle is being driven at the time it sputters to a stop. Metropolitan-area freeways and rural highways each... More